Freight Forwarding – Container Shipments

Wainwright Bros provide container shipment services to any destination in the world, catering for specialised shipments such as open top, refrigerated, and dangerous cargoes. Whether transporting commercial goods or personal effects, we can arrange the complete transportation process. 

Containerised cargo is shipped in either 20’ or 40’ long metal boxes which are loaded onboard specially designed ships, operating on strict liner schedules. The 20’ container can hold approximately 1050 cubic feet, with the 40’ holding 2100 cubic feet.

It is Wainwright Bros aim to ensure the seamless, safe, reliable transportation of cargo, achieving this by minimising any unnecessary involvement from the client. As such we offer the following complete supply chain management solution

  • Transportation of empty container to clients house or factory
  • Secure packing using necessary cardboard, and or dunnage
  • Transportation from client’s house or factory to container
  • Organise outbound customs and port handling charges
  • Arrange shipment with reputable shipping line
  • Advise client of vessel’s Estimated Time of Arrival at discharge port
  • Transportation from discharge port to final point of rest
  • Unload cargo at clients request
  • Liaise closely with client, confirming cargoes arrival at specified destination

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